Human Psychology for Business


Initially conceived as a primary text for business students, Human Psychology for Business, Our brains are as unique as our finger prints, has broad general appeal and provides a great number of insights into human behaviour allowing people to develop a much better understanding of themselves and others.

The generation of the book.

Some nine or so years ago I was sitting in the Dean’s office for the School of Business at the University of Toronto, Scarborough. I had just completed a second term of marginal performance at teaching a course in quantitative methods. I was well aware that my performance was poor, but I also felt that I had figured out how I could do a much better job, and I was still very interested in teaching. The number one suggestion put forward by the Dean was for me to publish a book.

A few years later I was working with an associate and we were providing seminars. As I reviewed the seminar material, it occurred to me that it would not be difficult to roll up the seminar material into a book. It was quite easy for me to convert the presentation material and diagrams into text and graphics. I reviewed the material and asked myself, “what kind of book could I make out of the material.” It occurred to me that I had not seen a psychology course offered by any of the business schools I was familiar with. I performed a web search of business schools in North America, and again, I did not find any business schools offering a course in psychology appropriate or specific to business. I reviewed the course material offered in the Human Resources area for business and found that the material offered had virtually an exclusive focus on the administrative and legal aspects of Human Resource Management, but again, no real focus on the human aspect of the management of Human Capital. It appeared there was a need for a book that dealt with the human aspect of Human Capital Management and it seemed that my material would serve well at meeting that need.

Then came the task of structuring the material. My first degree was a general bachelor degree with a major in biology, then I obtained a specialization in psychology, followed by an MBA in Management Science and Information Systems and finally my PhD in Organization and Management. This is the sequence I learned the material and it seemed quite natural to present the material in a similar sequence.

In a relatively short period, I had completed a rough draft of the text and I sent the material to a few of my friends and associates for review and editing. A number of edits were made, and again, I reviewed the text of the developing book. It appeared to me that I was on track for supplying the basic information that would be of benefit in an introductory course to Human Psychology for Business. It also occurred to me that the book may also be of interest to the general public, business executives, managers, and the business community in general—great, more weight for marketing.

The project was completed in April 2019 and the book “Human Psychology for Business, Our brains are as unique as our Finger Prints.” (ISBN 9781525527579) is available through outlets such as Friesen Press, Indigo/Chapters, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Book Depository, and many more. Please check with your favorite book retailer.


Dr. Dennis Wilson, PhD, MBA


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