Career Path

These assessments mated with personality, thinking, or behaviour assessments help define a clear career path. They help make life circumstance and the daily events in ones life more understandable. The longer one works on personal, self-development the more he/she should learn about himself/herself.

Strong Interest Inventory®

The most respected and widely used career planning instrument in the world strong interest inventory ®
Career Directions, Individual Development

For over 75 years, the Strong has helped people from high school and college students to mid-career workers seeking change, in their search for a rich and fulfilling career. Newly revised, this authoritative assessment is more powerful than ever before.

The Strong measures your client’s interest in a broad range of occupations, work activities, leisure activities, and school subjects. The questionnaire compares how these interests are similar to the interests of people successfully employed in those occupations. It is used to help people understand their work interests and to illustrate the kinds of work in which they might be most satisfied.

Time: 30 minutes
Items: 291
Scoring: mail-in or online


  • Strong Profile, Standard Edition (9 pages)

Personalized to reflect responses to the 291-item Strong Interest Inventory assessment, this report paints a clear picture of how your client’s specific interests and learning, leadership, and risk-taking styles link to various jobs, work settings, and career fields.

  • Variation on Strong Profile
    • Profile, High School Edition
    • Profile, College Edition
    • Profile and Interpretive Report (9 pages + profile)
    • Strong Profile with College Profile and Interpretive Report
    • Strong Profile with Skills Confidence Inventory Profile
  • Strong Interest Inventory ® Profile with Skills Confidence Inventory Profile (11 pages)

The Skills Confidence Inventory is a key tool for exploring how self-assurance may be influencing your client’s occupational, educational, or leisure choices. Linked to the six general occupational themes, this report provides graphic results of how your client’s interests compare to his/her level of confidence in performing certain activities. Available with the Strong Profile, Interpretive Report, and College Reports.

  • Strong Profile with College Profile & Skills Confidence Inventory Profile
  • Strong Profile with Skills Confidence Inventory Profile and Interpretive Report
  • Strong Profile with College Profile, Interpretive Report & Skills Confidence Inventory Profile
  • Strong and MBTI® Career Report, Newly Revised (14 pages)

Updated and better than ever, this report integrates the General Occupational Themes, Occupational Scales, and Personal Style Scales with MBTI assessment results for a comprehensive career development package.

Exam Preparation Inventory

Exam Preparation Inventory

Learning Styles Inventory
Identify individual learning and study styles
Discover a Learning Strategy that Fits their Personality

Not everyone learns and retains information the same way. The Exam Preparation Inventory (EPI) is a measure of test preparation and study behaviours. Categorized into scales that parallel the 8 MBTI ® preferences, the EPI will help your students/clients succeed by discovering a learning strategy that fits their personality. This is useful tool for learning styles/study skills programs.

Time: 20 minutes
Items: 115
Scoring: self-scorable or online


  • EPI Report (14 pages)

Exam Preparation Inventory Report gives a detailed picture of how a client’s personal style effects their study habits. Based on psychological type, the report details how, where, when, where and with whom the client prefers to carry out studying activities. Includes detailed tips and strategies for managing studying and learning.