Seminars and Speaking Engagements

Dr. Wilson is pleased to be able to facilitate Seminars and Workshops, and present as a speaker on the topics of Human Psychology for Business, Personality, Thinking, and Behaviour, and Psychometric Assessment Instruments.

Personality, Thinking and Behaviour:

  • What are they?
  • What is the relationship between them?
  • What is the importance to Business?

Integrating Personality, Thinking, or Behaviour assessments into a seminar/workshop makes for a great team building and learning experience.

Reduce conflict and improve productivity, book your seminar today.


Dr. Wilson also provides a training session on how to use a desktop database (Corel Paradox, FileMaker, DataEase, MS Access) to improve productivity and quality.

Databases are typically used as a repository for large volumes of data and as the core of an application. A desktop database can also be used as a quick and dirty tool for analyzing and reporting on large volumes of data. When analyzing large volumes of data, a person will tend to work faster and be less prone to error if using a desktop database system.

Improve the speed and quality of your organizations analyses and reporting by adding a desktop database to your analysts’ arsenal of tools.


  • Servicing the many challenges of business
  • Blending psychometric assessments, training, and motivation with data and application expertise, leading to a better quality of match between people, task, and organizational structure, and resulting in an increase in operational efficiency and improved quality

Supporting Small Business with:

  • Business Plans
  • Business Intelligence
  • Business Reports
  • Remote Data Entry
  • Data ¬†Analysis


On going coaching along with continued self-discovery and awareness through a progressive assessment scenario go hand-in-hand with career development and advancement. Let Dr. Wilson be your coach on this journey.